LOST to air on Sci-Fi and G4 next fall

Hollywood Reporter, well, reports that the NBC-owned Sci-Fi Channel will begin running "mini-marathons" of ABC's award-winning drama LOST next fall. Early plans indicate that Sci-Fi will run the intricate, mythology-heavy drama in weekly four-hour blocks.

In addition to the Sci-Fi schedule, LOST will air on the G4 network, best known for videogaming content. G4 plans to adapt LOST to its popular "2.0" format, which will include on-screen information tickers similar to ESPN or CNN's Headline News. Previous 2.0 versions of COPS and the original Star Trek series have met with wide acclaim and substantial ratings increases.

This will be the first time LOST will be seen off-network, and stands to bring a wider audience to a show that is often seen as too dense and involved to pick up on the fly. LOST has a verifiable track record for post-broadcast viewing; the DVD sets for seasons 1 and 2 have sold briskly, with season 2 topping the VideoScan DVD sales charts during its first week of release.