Now soliciting tickets to Bali

Travel Channel's "No Reservations" with chef Anthony Bourdain has cursed me to live a half life full of misery and desperation.

To learn the reason, you'll have to watch the episode in which Bourdain travels to Indonesia and samples the cuisine and sees the sights of a number of locales on that nation/archipelago.

(to see that episode, click here. you'll need a high-speed internet connection, or a LOT of time.)

The island: Bali. The eatery: Babi Guling Ibu Oka. The dish: roast suckling pig.

(photo thanks to Hugo Kitchen)

Perhaps a little bit afield from the usual BBQ pork plate seen in the US, but overall not all that unusual. But skip to the 26:43 mark in the video I linked above, and watch the care that goes into the cooking. Watch the glee in Tony Bourdain's eyes (not exactly a chipper individual, Tony) as he is served this specimen of pork. Listen to the skin, for the love of bacon!

Suffice it to say, I will not lead a satisfactory life until I have tasted this paragon of Indonesian culinary ingenuity. Tony's got it right. It doesn't appear that one can be truly happy without it.

So, if anyone's got a couple grand they don't need, and want to send me (+1, of course) to the land of roast suckling pig (not to mention the land in which my father was born and raised), I'd be honored to accept the gift.