Laura Ingraham on CNN? PLEASE.

This is my letter to CNN:

I have written to your network in the past, regarding right-leaning (or downright right-turning) reporting on CNN's outlets. I have learned that your network has offered a one-week "tryout" to right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham.

Laura Ingraham is as offensive to truth and honest reporting as Glenn Beck; it is sad that CNN has chosen both distasteful individuals to host programs on its news outlets. It doesn't take much investigation to see what kind of resume Laura Ingraham brings to CNN. She minimizes the risks reporters take in Iraq, encouraged her listeners to clog a disenfranchisement hotline with false complaints and insults, and fills her radio program with untruths and personal attacks.

If Laura Ingraham touches CNN airwaves in a hosting position, I will immediately and permanently cease all patronage of any CNN media outlets.

Please investigate Laura Ingraham's contribution to the public dialogue, and contact CNN with your thoughts.