The nightly booze

Nothing works better at inspiring a missive to the Internets than a nice, stiff drink. At least for me. I've got enough abv in my party cabinet to start an E85 station (living across the street from a corn field helps).

Tonight's discussion is twofold. First, a throwback to an old January post about Dogfish Head's Midas Touch Golden Elixir beer. You may recall (and if you don't recall, just take some time to go back and read the post) that I mentioned another obscure DFH brew therein, called Immort Ale. I mention it again now because, like with the Midas Touch, I stumbled upon Immort Ale months after initial discovery, and took a flyer on it.

You know how you put salt on your hand and lick it off before drinking a shot of tequila and biting into a lime wedge? Imagine putting some dark brown sugar on your hand, licking it off, taking a shot of bourbon, then gnawing on an old leather couch. That would be the Immort Ale experience.

Which is, surprisingly, not to say that Immort Ale is bad; it's not. But if Midas Touch is sneaky in its intoxicating ability, Immort Ale is the guy at the bar who tells you what he does for a living in agonizing detail. It's sweet, it's a little bitter, and it is in no way an easy drink. You should expect to have to write a report after one bottle. And at $12 for four, you better get crackin'.

And now, from a beer you can only get for a short time, to a liqueur you can only get after a long flight. Thanks to some intrepid cruise-takers in our family, we've acquired a bottle of Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur. Only available across the pond, Sheridan's is sort of the binary explosive of liqueurs. The bottle is split in two, with a little more than half of the overall volume dedicated to the coffee chocolate liqueur, and the rest filled with vanilla cream liqueur. Two spouts allow the liquids to pour in separately, creating a layered cocktail similar to an unstirred White Russian.

My initial sip reminded me of licorice, but only a little. The rest of the glass (and the subsequent glass filled higher than the first) shed that impression. The resultant taste is something akin to Starbucks liqueur and cream, but with a little more brightness to the profile (thanks, I'm sure, to the vanilla). It's really quite good, so if you know someone who's going on a Carnival cruise, have them pick up a bottle. It's at least $5 cheaper than an Internet order, and a bigger bottle. Have your mule snag one on the first night, though; word is, this stuff sells out quick.

And with that, I bid you good night, and I shall again return to my lovely beverage.