LOST - I want answers! Volume 2!

In honor of the Season 3 finale of LOST, here are some outstanding issues that don't look like they're heading towards any resolution. But I want answers, dammit!

-Was Rose's recognition of the noise the Monster makes meaningful in any way? Or was it just a nod to the foley guys who came up with the real-life sound to use in representing the Monster?

-Why was Libby in Hurley's flashback?

-Did Ben actually push the button in the Swan when it went into lockdown? If he did, why did he later tell Locke he didn't? If he didn't, why didn't the Swan go into magnet mode? There was a glimmer of recognition when Locke told Ben the Numbers (which makes sense, given what we now know about Ben's history on the Island); what was Ben's plan once he knew what was going on in the Swan? Did he know the full ramifications of not pushing the button?

-You know what? I just want to know more about the Swan. What was its place in the DHARMA plan? Was it unknown to the members of DHARMA that weren't working in it? Was it unknown to the Others? Like Libby, the Swan is no more, but I hope that the producers find a way of resolving some of these issues before the end of the series.

-What did the Others do with Walt when they had him, and why did they no longer want to keep him?

More to come....