Sportsmen for Bush: double-entendre or single-minded?

Driving to work recently, I passed a pickup truck on the highway. It was driven by a Grizzly Adams-looking dude (of course), and was rocking the "Sportsmen for Bush" bumper sticker right below the "Bush/Cheney" sticker. Not an unusual combination 'round these parts.

Do these guys understand the contradiction? I imagine myself in a dialogue with one of these carnivores:

Me: "What's the one thing you need in order to be a hunter?"

Grizzly: "One well-oiled true-sighted firearm, my friend."

Me: "Wrong! You can hunt with a bow. You can hunt with a knife! You can hunt with rocks and a slingshot. Try again."

Grizzly: "Well, I know I couldn't get to my favorite treestand without my truck."

Me: "Not only is the answer not a truck, you don't even need a treestand to get to. Last try."

Grizzly: (running out of ideas now) "Beer?"


These single-issue morons think that if a candidate badmouths gun control, he must be the right choice for "sportsmen" (often the polite euphemism for "bloodthirsty pleasure killer"). What does a hunter do when there's nothing left to hunt, and nowhere left to go?

Or are they just giggling (in a manly fashion, of course) because of the thinly veiled sexual innuendo of the slogan?

Our current president has been a ecological disaster, including on issues related to
habitat and species protection. Have fun trying to catch a healthy fish or find game that have been chased out of their normal range by pollution and urban/industrial sprawl.

At least there are some men of conscience that have caught on to what's really happening here. From
the October 2003 issue of "Field and Stream":

Rod and gun in hand, and backing the Second Amendment right to own firearms, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have won the hearts of America’s sportsmen. Yet the two men have failed to protect outdoor sports on the nation’s public lands.

Both links I have provided include links to further information. I encourage anyone who thinks that uninhibited gun ownership to be the be-all, end-all of hunting, to read the information I have posted here. I promise that if you do, I'll be much less likely to call you Grizzly Adams.