Well, the lady and I went to a little place called The Dardanelles recently, and it wasn't good. In fact, it was downright disappointing. However, we rebounded nicely, and tonight we hit another well-received local joint called Maharaja.

We've been there before, but were nevertheless taken aback at not just the quality but the quantity of our meal. And by "quality," I mean "ohhhhh mamma." And by "quantity," I mean rent a truck.

Our dinner (which we ordered for take-out) was the non-vegetable combination dinner. I don't know about you, but I love it when I'm sold as few vegetables as possible, and this dinner was singing my song. It contains chicken pakoras, chicken mushroom curry, lamb masala, dal makhani, basmati rice, nan, and two desserts. We picked kheer and gulab jamun.

This was, frankly, not a meal for two. It was at least a meal for four. There's no way we could have polished this dinner off in one night between the two of us. And I eat a lot. Suffice it to say there's more than enough for both of us to take to work for lunch tomorrow, and I wouldn't be shocked if there was even more left over for a late night snack tomorrow night.

Madison's hitting its Indian stride right now, with two Maharaja locations, plus India Darbar, Dobhan, Taj, a new place downtown called Maharani, and a Maharaja-affiliated grocery coming soon to the east side. If the quality or quantity of the food at any of these spots is half as what it was at Maharaja tonight, they'll still be in great shape. But for now, it's back to my leftovers, and a little meditation to calm my pitta dosha.