LOST - I want answers!

Witness the unveiling of a new regular feature on this here blog! For the next few weeks, I'll be posting occasional commentaries on LOST, the TV show that has fully occupied the place in my heart that The X-Files left open.

If you watch the show, you'll know that LOST is on hiatus for over two months. It'll be back on February 7th, because last year was a scheduling debacle. There was no sense of momentum, with new episodes coming sporadically. So this year, we've got a huge break in the series, to be followed by 16 (or 17?) straight, all-new eps.

In the absence of the show, I'll be posting some of the questions I hope to have answered by the producers. I'm not saying these answers should or will be forthcoming this season, but they damn well better be coming by the end of the series. I hope you, Dear Readers, will join me in the comments in discussing these questions.

What do the psychics know?

In flashbacks, we have seen both Claire (the Australian new mommy) and Rose (the older woman with a terminal illness) receive some unusual information from paranormal authorities. Claire visits a psychic, at the urging of a girlfriend, only to be told that a reading is impossible for her. Pressuring the psychic over time, Claire is given foreboding advice. She is told that she, and only she, must raise this child (Claire was planning to give the baby up for adoption). It becomes apparent that the psychic arranged for Claire to be on the doomed Oceanic flight, for the sole reason of ensuring that she would raise the baby.

Rose, on the other hand, was taken to a faith healer by her well-meaning but slightly misguided husband, Bernard. The healer (who charged $10,000 just for the appointment) told Rose that he could not heal her. He was very explicit in pointing out that it was not that she couldn't be healed, but that the energies he was able to channel would not be able to heal her. He even offered to return the money (an act of honesty mirrored by Claire's psychic), but Rose wanted her husband to believe that she had been healed. She wanted him to let go, so they could be happy in the time they had left.

So my question is this: What did the psychic and the faith healer know about Rose and Claire's futures, and how did they know it? Why did they feel so compelled to proactively ensure that the future they sensed, would come to pass?

Again, your thoughts are welcome! If I can come up with a reasonable theory, I'll post it in the comments.