Firefly: So, am I supposed to eat this?

As has been previously mentioned, I hit Firefly with the Madison A to Z folks recently, and you can find our collective thoughts on the establishment here.

I got there a few minutes before JM and Nichole, so I got the chance to relax and peruse the menu (it was, not unexpectedly, a little different from that displayed on their website). The staff were very friendly, and went back to the end of the dining area to make sure the rest of my party wasn't there. Nothing extravagant, but a polite touch that often gets left behind.

"Bright, but not always glowing" is a spectacular way of describing Firefly (not to mention poetic!). The ambiance is nice, hinting at formality, but the unique shape of the dining room makes it feel more quaint than imposing (think Noodles). The menu offers a wide variety of entrees, as well as appetizers and (unlisted) desserts that appeal to many cravings.

The problems came with the actual delivery of edible goods. As pictured on the A to Z review, the presentation was great. However, the garnish-splosion that graced my scallops left me a little perplexed; everything was edible, but was I supposed to eat it or just gaze at it, in awe? I did a little of both, and was not as amazed in the eating as I was in the gazing.

The entree itself was very tasty, quite bold for scallops, but it wasn't so fantastic as to merit the price. The scallops weren't particularly big. The wasabi mashed potatoes weren't particulaly wasabi-ish. The black bean garlic sauce wasn't particularly polite (tasted great, didn't always play well with others on the plate). Kind of the dictionary definition of a B+.

The bookends of my meal were, on the other hand, very satisfying. The Thai iced coffee was exactly what I hoped it would be when I ordered it (although I'm sure it wasn't made with ingredients as exotic as the name implied). The dessert (a green tea-swirled-with-chocolate cheesecake, on a chocolate crust) was really nice. If you've ever had green tea ice cream, you know how refreshing a mild green tea flavor can be when mixed with a sweet base. Plus, since it was from the last little bit of that pan, and kind of ugly (and since it was free), they gave me a slice and a half. Jackpot!

The drinks-and-dessert approach would, I think, be the best way to maximize your experience at Firefly. It seems like Firefly is continuing to evolve in the right direction, so I'm not pessimistic at all. Nevertheless, I'll stick to Eldorado Grill for my formal Food Fight experiences.