I Want Higher Taxes: A Deconstruction

I swear, if I have to hear Ed Schultz say "Listen! Nobody wants higher taxes! But these Bush tax cuts are" blah blah blah, I'm going to throw my radio out the window.

So maybe on Impeachment Day, a rant on tax and syntax is a little dry. I don't care. This has been bugging me for weeks, and I'm boiling over.

Let me just say it straight out: I WANT HIGHER TAXES.

What I do not want is government corruption and misuse of my tax dollars. When money is given to the government, the intent is that services are rendered on the taxpayer's behalf. It's a financial transaction, not protection money.

If I pay $5 per gallon of gasoline, and $3 of that is tax, and I get a free college education in return, that's cool with me.

If I pay 7% sales tax, but my state gives me free health care, I'm not going to complain.

The fact that many liberals are forced to (in addition to not calling themselves "liberals") precede every comment on tax issues by saying "nobody wants higher taxes" is evidence that the conservative movement has intimidated and scared this country for too long. When The Heritage Foundation gets sound bites on CNN, without a front-paged counterweight to their bullshit, then we have been hoodwinked.

They have told us that government cannot be trusted with your money. They have told us that reliance on government to provide services to its citizens is weak and "European-effete." They appeal to people's self-interest by saying "it's your money." They have sold this idea of "tax cuts" to us as a good thing, and then used those tax cuts to reward the corporate entities that steal our benefits, pensions, wages, and jobs.

I don't want a tax cut if that's the cost (and it is the cost, as we know). We're going to be expected to give some of our hard-earned money to the government whether we like our government or not. It is our right and duty to demand not necessarily lower taxes, but complete transparency and responsibility in government spending.

You're damn right it's my money. And when I give it to you, George, I want something other than war and wiretaps back for it.