It doesn't matter if you have nothing to hide

Do you have telephone coverage from any of these companies?

Verizon. AT&T (now Cingular). Sprint.

If so, then the warrantless domestic surveillance issue directly affects you.

If you think you have nothing to hide, then tell me why you wouldn't stand in the public square and tell the whole world the results of your latest mammogram, prostate exam, or blood test for an infectious disease.

Because if you talked about these things on the phone with your doctor, then the government could have listened to you. And if you hadn't told your employer or your insurer about these issues, and the government had this information on you, and felt it was pertinent, do you honestly think they wouldn't tell one of those entities about the supposed "risk" you posed to their bottom lines?

Contact Senators Russell Feingold and Edward Kennedy to give them your support for their push to view the records of the above-mentioned companies about their complicity in the NSA domestic spying program

Wouldn't you want to know who was eavesdropping on your private conversations, and why?