Just a little exposition

I'm sitting in front of a fire in the old home town today, and the dog is asleep on the floor by my feet. The comfort of the situation is making me circumspect, so I'm just going to rattle on here for a little while.

Thanksgiving was kind of a rough one for me. Damn near all the great big extended family was packed into one house (pretty rare that we can all get corralled that completely), and we were enjoying ourselves. Wine was drunk, food was packed into faces at a record pace. Unfortunately, during the end of the meal, my grandfather fell startlingly ill (he's getting up there in age, and has developed some health problems). We weren't sure of the severity of whatever was getting to him, but it was really a good thing that my mother and one of my aunts are nurses. They were able to get him comfortable and pretty stable while the ambulance made its way through the 20 or so cars in the street and driveway to take him to the hospital. We were all shook up, to varying degrees. But it turned out that it wasn't anything terribly bad--just a severe dizzy spell, from all indications--and he should be back home today from the hospital.

The bridge between this post and my last post is that my grandfather is a World War II veteran. He's a quiet guy, and a tough guy. He drinks beer, smokes, and eats an alarming amount of meat. For all that, he still goes to the YMCA one day every week to swim (although that's gotten a little curtailed recently), and is one of those old-school guys that appears to defy all rules of diet and health. So it was quite a shock to see him in that state. He's the old oak of the family. I hope he can get past this spell and keep on kicking for a good while yet. We all love him a lot.

So I hope all of you could find something to be thankful about yesterday, and year round, for that matter. We all have a lot more than many others around the world, but for all our relative affluence, we still feel loss when things are taken from us. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you this season. Give 'em a hug, or in the case of your goofy uncle, a hard chuck on the shoulder. It'll mean a lot, even to him.