Construction talk from a man with no house

Would you like to be able to have an abortion if you were raped, or if childbirth would kill you?
Too bad, slut!

What if you want to, but your husband says you can't?
"Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee!"

If a member of your household, god forbid, happens to run afoul of the law, and in the process of serving the search warrant that only names the abode and not the inhabitants as the target of the search, you and your children get strip searched anyway?
All in the name of justice, sucker! Now bend over.

If you think these three scenarios get progressively less likely to be an avowed position of a Supreme Court nominee, then maybe you should take a good long look at Mr. Justice Samuel Alito, the newest horror to be vomited onto the American people by this administration.

And then maybe you should call, write, or e-mail your senator. Trust me, they read constituent mail. If they're decent statesmen or stateswomen, they will respond. If they don't respond...well, would you be likely to patronize a restaurant if you ordered your food and it never came?

Samuel Alito is less than half the Justice that Sandra Day O'Connor is, and would be an abomination unto the Court. Tell the Senate how you feel with your words, and if they don't listen, tell them with your vote.

* Does this sound to you like in Trent Lott's heart of hearts, he considers minorities in a group of life forms separate from males and females? Before you say that's silly, maybe you should click here.