Dogs of the Internet

Monty is officially a superstar. He's on the Internet on no fewer than two otherwise unrelated websites. Mine, of course, and the website of the Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin. Go to the Events link, then click Recent Events, and you will see multiple pictures of the little guy from Dogtoberfest 2005. He got the woman and I free beer because the girl who worked there thought he was the cutest dog there. You Readers out there be sure to let me know the next time your Doberman or lhasa apso gets you free, fresh, cold, award-winning beer.

In other doggie news, Monty's been accident free for almost two weeks now. He's still crazy, still trying to eat things he shouldn't be, but he's had a remarkable transition to almost complete potty-trainedness, and is taking quite well to the "sit" command. He starts school next week. I suspect he'll be a stellar student.

I'm off to go buy a few Powerball tickets, since I don't think I'm going to be getting that call about the Supreme Court vacancy I was expecting. I was hoping to bring my "diversity of experience" (read: NONE) to the bench.