Hurricane Katrina and Aftermath George

The disaster in the South continues to boggle the mind. Eloquence fails when faced with this kind of devastation. The President urged his critics not to "play politics" with a natural disaster. He, of course, is obscuring the fact that only the hurricane was a natural disaster. The aftermath is on W's watch, and could have been substantially less crippling. Here are some questions to ponder:

1) Why was the President not on a plane or helicopter on Tuesday, rather than waiting long enough to have lunch with Senator McCain in Arizona, play guitar with country music singer Mark Wills (anyone ever heard of Emperor Nero?), and compare Iraq to World War II and himself to FDR?

2) Why is the White House distributing pictures of the President "surveying the destruction" from Air Force One that are strangely reminiscent of the same scenario after 9/11?

3) Why was there no funding to repair and improve the levees that gave way after Katrina, and caused the destruction the South is currently facing?

4) Why do Mississippi and Louisiana have to ask for additional National Guard and active duty-status military assistance?

5) Why has the President deflected questions about the price of gasoline, and, even when right wing lunatics like Bill O'Reilly are advocating for it, refused to force oil companies and OPEC to cut profit margins to protect the American public?

It should be apparent that we are not only witnessing perhaps the worst disaster in American history, but the worst President in American history.