Sporting News gives Madison the shaft

The Sporting News magazine recently compiled a list of the Top 388 Sports Cities in North America. Fine, so Boston gets the top spot. Three recent professional sports championships is enough, I suppose, to get you that much.

I'm a little crabbier about the treatment of fair Madison, Wisconsin. Kansas City, Orlando, Lubbock (LUBBOCK FOR CHRIST'S SAKE) are all above Madison. Madison, the home of (in no particular order):

The Crazylegs Classic

The Ironman Triathlon

The Madison Mallards

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

-Men's Basketball

-Men's Hockey

-Women's Hockey

and oh yeah


Tell me this shouldn't place Madison higher than #56.

For those too lazy to click the link and read the list, the Wisconsin cities are as follows:

31. Milwaukee

37. Green Bay

56. Madison

269. Kohler

331. River Falls

336. West De Pere

345. Beloit

364. Appleton