Bravo Farms Chipotle Cheddar

I'm poking around online, looking for things I want to buy, and I'm reminded of a cheese that I got at Whole Foods a few months ago. It's a chipotle cheddar, by Bravo Farms in Visalia, California. The cheese is a subtle cheddar (I think most white cheddars are), which is good for me since I don't really care for sharp cheddar. The chipotle isn't super hot, but the size of the pieces varies, and if you get a big hunk, you'll definitely know it's there. This is just a flat out good piece of cheese, high praise for a California cheese when coming from a Wisconsinite. Anyway, the store carried it as a sort of try-out, and has yet to reorder it. I was sad. But as usual, when things look darkest, there's the Internet to make you feel all better.

I found a retailer that sells it (in half pound portions and up, no less!), and for a reasonable price. I highly recommend that you folks take this information to your local grocer and say "listen, jocko, you're gonna get this cheese or it's upside your head!" Or just cut out the middle man and order yourself some tasty Internet cheese.

And what kind of a person would I be if I didn't include the link? Not a very good one, to be sure