You know the stuff on the menu or store shelf that makes you say, "Oh, weird, look at that," but then you don't order it? That's the stuff Fringe Foods covers.

Fringe Foods eats what you won't -- but probably should.

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Fringe menu items

Sure, "fringe" is a subjective term. What's fringe to a born-and-raised Wisconsinite might not so much as make your average abuelita blink. But all sorts of people can find any sort of food to be shocking, scary, gross, or inedible. That's the perspective, even though I do try to take into account my own whiteness when describing something as fringe. So whether it's lutefisk, menudo, or crispy pig bung -- from whatever continent it hails -- if it's even a little weird (and yes, I'll tweet about Doritos Locos and the McRib too), Fringe Foods will cover it.

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Fringe grocery items

Maybe you think it's easier to take a chance on something if you can do it easily in the privacy of your own home. The freaky grocery item is your jam, and I'll do my best to break 'em down for you. If you're not interested in the latest Oreo variant, tough -- I love those things even when they suck. But you can read my takes on less trend-focused items like durian, limburger, and local ice creams with wild ingredients.


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Wisconsin media coverage from the fringes

Every now and then, national media spends more than a layover in Wisconsin, and Fringe Foods is there to provide the local perspective on the coastal coverage of our area. After all, what's the saying? First, we eat with our eyes? So whether it's Andrew Zimmern, Anthony Bourdain, or who knows who else, Fringe Foods is likely to be watching with you, judging not-so-silently.